Spanish foundry group condals has seen its scrap rates drop significantly after adopting disa’s monitizer® digital solution. Scrap rates dropped by 39% and 45% for two patterns during production testing with the monitizer | prescribe optimisation tool.

During the project, Condals first upgraded its Monitizer | CIM installation, then deployed Monitizer | GLOBAL to collect and monitor live process data from equipment – DISA and non-DISA – on all three of its casting lines. Next, it brought in the Monitizer | PRESCRIBE Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution to improve its casting quality and reduce scrap.

“We were interested in finding an AI solution that would help us lower our scrap rate as much as possible,” says David de la Cruz, CIO at Condals Group. “DISA offered a complete solution with Monitizer. Other competing solutions only look at parts of the process in detail and only optimise certain parameters – mould alignment, temperature, porosity – whereas Monitizer | PRESCRIBE optimises the entire process to reduce scrap. That was exactly what we were looking for.”

Towards the data-driven foundry

At its two Spanish and Slovakian locations, Condals Group’s three DISAMATIC® moulding lines produce over 43,000 tons of iron castings each year for customers in the automotive, railway and construction sectors. As an experienced digital innovator, Condals wanted more value from its process data and to supply staff with a single, trustworthy source of information.

“Our goal is to be a data-driven company, taking decisions based on the data from our process,” says de la Cruz. “We already had Monitizer | CIM installed and that had worked well for us. Monitizer | GLOBAL lets us do a lot of additional things and is a really powerful tool for putting all our data in one central place and making it easily available, but reducing scrap was always the main goal.”

Monitizer can support any foundry at any stage of its digital journey, whether they are novices or experts. Monitizer’s modular approach lets foundries start by collecting data, then move quickly to more sophisticated digital applications – gaining value at each step.

Using Monitizer | CIM with DISA machines, individual foundries can collect data, implement automatic process control and perfectly synchronise their DISA equipment – cutting out the need for manual intervention. Monitizer | GLOBAL collects data from any vendor’s equipment across multiple foundries, lines or sites, and presents it in real time to users who can monitor and analyse it, then use the learnings to inform improvements.