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This is an unique event in Poland, dedicated to foundries, machinery and equipment manufacturers, component suppliers, service providers and science representatives. Contact us today and become an Exhibitor.

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See the current map of the ITM Industry Europe block, including Modernlog, Subcontracting and Focast Foundry Forum.

Exhibitors list 2022

We are pleased to announce first list of exhibitors of ITM Industry Europe block.

European Foundry Industry Sentiment 2021

In October, the European Foundry Sentiment Indicator (FISI) dropped significantly. The decrease of 1.0 index points was the...

Recommendation of Polish Foundry Chamber of Commerce in relation to a drastic increase in the prices of energy

Read the recommendation of Polish Foundry Chamber of Commerce in relation to a drastic increase in the prices of energy...

Poland's economic growth faster than expected

The European Commission forecasts that our GDP will grow by 4.8% this year, driven mainly by investment and measures under...

This year exposition map

Take a look at this year fairs exposition.


The upcoming edition of ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE and Foundry Forum FOCAST is unique. This is the first industrial fair in this...

European Foundry Industry Sentiment

January 2021: European foundries start the new year with a positive momentum.

Robots Adjust to Foundries’ Demands

Safety and efficiency are typical reasons for installing foundry robots. Now, flexibility has emerged as a performance standard...


Spanish foundry group condals has seen its scrap rates drop significantly after adopting disa’s monitizer® digital solution...

Tesla starts production of Model Y with massive single-piece rear casting

Tesla has started production of the Model Y with a massive single-piece rear casting, according to a picture of a new unit...


The exhibition industry in Poland is currently in a dramatic situation. And the only way to save hundreds of companies is...

We return to the game!

The government is lifting the restrictions and we are returning to the game. Prepared to resume the activity and ensure...

Idea Expo


Trust the experience! We've been constructing fair stands with passion for over 30 years! Our offer includes constructing and designing, as well as unusual solutions that suits your needs!

GARDENcity restaurants

Designer restaurants in the business center of Poznań

Inside the three-level complex there are spacious rooms, the character of which evolves with the vision and needs of guests: Saffron, Vanilla, Tabasco and Cinnamon. The meeting space is complemented by two restaurants: Basilico Bistro - offering express lunches and Oregano and Wine - a fine dining restaurant.

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