Thematic scope


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  1. Design and manufacture of machines, devices and complete production lines for foundry engineering, including:
    1.1. Machines and devices for moulding sand preparation
    1.2. Machines and devices for moulding casts and cores in moulding sand
    1.3. Machines and production lines for continuous, centrifugal and precision casting, as well as for pressure die-casting
    1.4. Machines and devices for hammering, cleaning and heat treatment of casts
    1.5. Devices and accessories for cast finishing
    1.6. Transport and warehousing
    1.7. Equipment for foundry engineering
  2. Moulding materials
  3. Foundry engineering consumables, casting ceramics, chemicals
  4. Scrap metal
  5. Refractories for foundry engineering
  6. Melting of metallic alloys: furnaces and charge materials
  7. Machines and equipment for pouring into moulds
  8. Casting
    8.1 Iron casting
    8.2 Steel casting
    8.3 Casting of non-ferrous metallic alloys
    8.4 Forging
  9. Ornamental casting
  10. Heat treatment of casts: furnaces and materials
  11. Measuring technique and material testing
  12. Computer-aided design of casts and casting processes
  13. Quality assurance for casting processes and casts
  14. Control and adjustment technique; process automation
  15. Environmental protection; minimisation and economic utilisation of waste
  16. Occupational safety and health; protective devices and equipment
  17. Organisations, institutions, research and development units, and trade magazines
  18. Auxiliary services for foundry engineering
  19. Other